6 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker / 7-in-1 Multi- Functional Pressure Cooker

Can I Substitute a Pressure Cooker With an Regular Pot?

There are essentially two types of cooking accessories: Pressure cooker and aregular pot. Pressure cooker in general offer assured benefit over the regular pot. Pressure cooker is faster cook time, better flavor, better nutrients retaining, cook from frozen, cost saving, easy to cleanup in addition it provide security, suitability, consistent results and keep warm setting.

Pressure cookers are one of the most favourite and amazing kitchen tools than a regular pot. A pressure cooker is incredibly adaptable and can cook ameal to 70% quicker than regular pots. Additional, you can cook allwhile it is usuallyfavorite for difficult foods such as chickpeas, beans, vegetables, pulses and stews. You can cook rice in just a few minutes! So if anyoneasks me, Can I substitute a pressure cooker with a regular pot? then is replied yes you can!

6 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker

  • 6 Quart Electric Pressure CookerPressure timer feature allows to set Pressure time that make your meal delicious
  • Multi-function contain 7 preset menus along with Operates at 70 KPA that make it full featured pot
  • 9 Safety Mechanisms provide the complete security during cooking
  • Roasts, Stew, Vegetables, cheesecake or custard, browning, simmering, sautéing.
  • Non-Stick dishwasher with safe cooking pot containing touch handles to makes your meal tasty
  • 70% Reduce cooking times and safe energy

7 in 1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker Amazon is the top and best quality selling product. Not only that but also it works as a slow cooker, steamer, warmer saute, yoghurt market, rice cooker and many more. This multifunctional cooker includes the 6-quart stainless steel cook pot and containing with 14 integrated functionalities. If you worried about its safety then you
won’t need to worry about safety while cooking because this is UL certified.

However, this instant pot becomes popular among people because that will do quick help in your kitchen. It comes with low-pressure setting and energy saving mode. Nowadays most of the pressure cooker designed has a non-stick coating but this special intent pot is coated with stainless steel. That’s why many people prefer this cooker due to stainless steel. Jeedad designed this magical tool for your kitchen that is extremely easy to clean, maintain with plug and play feature.

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