Do Celebrities Really Disguise Themselves to Go in Public?

Famous people like actors and musicians know exactly how it feels when you get hit by paparazzi on the way. But the question is, do celebrities actually disguise themselves? The answer, questionably, is both simple and complex, mainly based on the location a celebrity happens get caught by the paparazzi.

If in public streets, a celebrity has the privilege to hide behind trees, mailboxes, street lights, and even an occasion bystander. The celebrities are even more than prepared with adequate tools like paper bags, accessories, and the all-time favourite tool of celebrities leather jackets! Yes, they never go out of fashion.

Ashley Tisdale Uses Her Dog for Hiding

Ashley Tisdale often shields herself with her dog, Maui. As to her video in 2017, she doesn’t appear to be a fan of paparazzi.

Jaden Smith Hides in an Iron Man Costume

Jaden Smith, in 2013, donned an Iron Man Costume when he was going in public. While his sense of style has already gained a lot of attention, it’s not sure whether he wore it as a shield or a way to steal more attention.

Daniel Radcliff Puts On the Same Outfit for Six Months

The famous Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliff, blocked the paparazzi by wearing the same outfit each time he exited the theatre.  He used to wear the same hat and jacket to make the pictures look old, and thus, worthless. What a simple solution!

If you are going to be the next celebrity, these few ways can be great to block those paparazzi. If you find the Harry Potter one awesome, opt for some Rick Grimes Leather Jacket on your way to shielding.

Rick Grimes leather jacket


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