How to Get Started with a Basic Wardrobe for Men

Dressed and ready for the day aheadAlthough we live in an interconnected world with fashion and clothing merging from all cultures and directions, there is still a fair amount of mystery involved in dressing well for men. Thank fully it is less of an issue now, as different tastes and wardrobes are more and more acceptable. Still, there are bad ways to dress that negatively affect our appearance and, more than that; there are ways to look fashionable or “hip” with relatively little effort.

Today we look at just one of the ways that men can improve their overall fashion sense and style. These suggestions are meant to give you the most basic framework for a wardrobe with all of the right elements to look just a bit more stylish. However, it works best if you inject some of your own unique personality, perhaps through the addition of some articles from a boutique clothing store online.


For tops, you don’t need more than three or four options. Get a couple of light coloured t-shirts (whites and greys) and a couple of button-ups in darker blues. Or get a dark and light colour for each of the cuts for maximum matching capabilities.


Bottoms are a simple affair as well, and you can usually get away with two to three options. A good pair of blue jeans and a lighter pair of chinos will get you started. Choose blue for the jeans and an olive or tan for the chinos. Consider a pair of chino shorts for hotter days in black or khaki, depending on your style.


celebrities leather jacketsMany people will recommend a good pair of plain white sneakers as they match well with all of the options. You can go that way, or you can use your shoes to represent the entirety of your style. A bold shoe choice can feel liberating, and more than a little exciting.


The accessories for a simple wardrobe do not need to be overly stylish. In fact, you can get away with having a nice whiskey or tan-coloured belt. However, a watch given by a friend or a simple necklace are also great ways to customize your look even more.

Sweaters/ Jackets

The coziest parts of your outfit are, of course, the most essential. At least if you live in cold northern climates. For sweaters, consider crewnecks in gray, pale yellow or deep purple. For jackets, a peket coat is the ideal choice for style and comfort.

There you have it, a complete wardrobe with very few items. This is a simple way to make your wardrobe look consistent, planned and impressive. But, there is always room for improvement in fashion, and nothing stays the same forever. So, consider changing up these suggestions to suit your unique style and preferences, but don’t stray too far from the advice here. Instead, consider local and niche options, like those available from an online boutique clothing store.


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